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our special engraved gifts




Your Sarah Ha pendant is a beautiful and unique way to wear the Word of God and meaningful written works close to your heart. With these special engraved gifts, exclusively from Sarah Ha Jewelry, the entire Holy BibleTorahBook of Mormon , or Shakespeare's collected works is inscribed word for word on a sparkling archival quality medallion. The charm is protected by a mineral glass window  framed with a gleaming pendant on a necklace, both made from the highest quality 100% Sterling Silver.  This beautiful pendant necklace is a precious keepsake that will last for generations.

Commemorate your most important moments with something that will last forever. Shop our archival jewelry line for these special engraved gifts or learn more.

The Holy Bible and the Torah as special engraved gifts are now available at Alpha and Omega Parable Christian stores in Rochester.  Come see for yourself.


Our Special Engraved Gifts

frntpg-bible-jewelry-giftb.jpg   frntpg-bible-jewelry-gifta.jpg   special engraved gifts
Get the Classic Holy Bible Necklace Set
Get the Rope Holy Bible Necklace Set

Available in Stores 

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Get the Classic Book of Mormon Necklace Set
Get the Rope Book of Mormon Necklace Set
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Get the Classic Shakespeare Necklace Set
Get the Rope Shakespeare Necklace Set



Get the Valentine Pendant